I have now released u24mixer-gkt. Its a GTK control panel for the u24 soundcard. It looks and works more or less the same way as the official windows control panel. For now only the volume controls and the analog and digital output selection works. Who knows when I will do any more :) And you do of course need to have the u24mixer-module loaded so that the mixer can access the alsa controls.


I gave these pages a little facelift. They looked a bit to sad, even for me. Nothing fancy, but hopefully a bit more readable now.


I fixed some minor bugs when I released u24mixer-module-0.1.1, but I notice that there still exists way to many bugs The ones I know about are because I didn't have enough data captures from the Windows version. I think there are a few bitflips that I missed. But it is just to turn the output control off and back on again to fix it. So I'll just leave it there for a little while.


I have now released u24mixer-module-0.1.0. This is a version with all the functionality of the Windows control panel. So don't expect there to be that rapid releases anymore. My plan now is to make a gtk control panel that looks more or less the same as the U24 Control Panel found on windows platforms. This might take a little while since I have little experience with gtk programming, and the fact that there finally are snow here.

Hmm, looks like I forgot to sniff the traffic for clock source changes, and therefor also forgot to implement it. If anyone need it just ship me a mesage and I'll boot into Windows and make a dump of the data. I have a feeling that it might take some time for me to do it elsewise.


With the release of u24mixer-module-0.0.3 the basic skeleton for the driver is more or less complete. It will still take some time to analyze the dumps for the rest of the control, but the basics are there now. When all the controls are in place I'll start making a gtk version of the control panel. This is probably a waste since all the control panel will do is adjusting the alsacontrols, but I kind of want an controlpanel for the u24 in Linux that looks more or less like the one found in the Windows version.

Old news:

I have now uploaded the files for the mixer. Please note that nothing should be used on a production basis, and the code is not cleaned up yet.

I have uploaded two versions of u24mixer to SF, one is a userlevel app, but to use that you have to unload the snd-usb-audio module. The other one is a module extended to support the mixer controls. Both can be found under releases on the SF project page